We are very excited to partner with Acima Credit to provide you with a No Credit Needed finance option for our valued customers. A simple 1-minute application and you are approved and ready to go.

The approval process boils down to two, simple questions:

  1.  Have you been employed for last 90 days or more with at least $1000 in income each month?
  2. Has your checking account been open for at least 90 days without excessive overdrafts or negative balances?


Payoff within 90 days and you can close out your account for just the amount financed +$10.

Payoff anytime after 90 days and save 25% or more on all future payments.

Payoff over 12 months and you'll be able to set up a flexible payment schedule tailored to coincide with your payroll dates.

Get what you want today with only a $50 down payment...then drive off with style and a smile!

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW - it only takes 1 minute!