Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have specific questions, please contact us directly at 602-919-4494.

Do you install customer-provided equipment?

Yes.  However, we cannot guarantee the quality or functionality of equipment that we do not sell.  As such, we cannot offer any warranty or guarantee of any nature on any customer-provided equipment.  Once we have performed the work, you are responsible for the cost of labor, parts and material associated with the installation of your products; whether fully installed, or not.

Do you charge extra for tint removal?

Yes.  Removing old tint film from a vehicle is a very long and tedious process that requires lots of time (in some cases hours) to remove correctly and prepare for new tint film. Most cars have tint film with multiple layers that need to be removed one-at-a-time.

What is your return policy?

We do not offer refunds on any merchandise purchased.  However, in the unlikely event that an item has been deemed, in writing, as defective by a manager of Buckeye Stereo and Tint, store credit will be issued at the discretion of management.

and will be explained to you in detail before we begin work on your vehicle.

Do you offer warranties?

Absolutely.  We stand behind our work as well as our products.  Unless otherwise stated, your tint film comes with a lifetime warranty. All other equipment such as stereo and vehicle lighting will also come with a limited manufacturers warranty that will be given to you upon purchase.  Our installation is also covered by a limited warranty and will be explained to you in detail before we begin work on your vehicle.

Am I a good person?

Sure you are!  Just keep smiling and be cool.